Weir Comfees
Ostomy Wear For Everyone
Weir Comfees is your one stop shop for our very special custom made Ostomy clothing, underwear and our exclusive pouch pockets. Your comfort is our goal, all of the clothing products we sell on this site have an inside pocket that supports your pouch and keeps it secure and discrete.

The waterproof "Pouch Pocket™" works great in the shower to keep both the pouch and flange dry. Our customers tell us that when experiencing leakages or while traveling longer distances this waterproof pouch pocket protects their clothing.

Our "Comfee Drive™" protects the stoma from irritation or injury from your seatbelt while driving or as a passenger in a vehicle.

The "Pouch Pocket™" is made in fabric and waterproof material. The fabric "Pouch Pocket" supports the pouch, while sleeping, during intimacy, exercising or just doing your daily chores.

Everyone loves our crotchless underwear designed so intimacy can be a regular part of any Ostomates life again.

Love water activities? We have the perfect product that keeps your pouch and flange dry. At last a product designed just for you, Stay Dry Pro Pump™.

Spend some time here look around as we have many items that will change your life, in the best way possible by allowing you to not worry about your Pouch as you go about your daily activities

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